density bonus

California Increases Density Bonus to 50%

Starting in 2021, residential projects in California with on-site affordable housing can get a density bonus of up to 50%.  Currently, under Government Code Section 65915—commonly known as the Density Bonus Law—the maximum bonus is 35%.  It is available for projects that include 11% very low income below market rate (“BMR”) units, 20% low income […]

Task Force

Task Force Recommends Fee and Permit Changes

There are few cities that have not been negatively impacted by COVID-19.  Since March, San Francisco and the surrounding cities have been largely shut down, with businesses opening in a staggered manner based on infection and death rates.  Nonessential office workers remain at home.  Seven months into this “new normal”, a number of studies and […]


Central SoMa Clean Up Legislation Moves Forward

Last week, the San Francisco Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of legislation that would “clean up” parts of the Administrative and Planning Code that were previously amended in connection with the Central SoMa Area Plan. The Central SoMa Area Plan was the result of a multi-year planning effort which rezoned much of a 230-acre area […]


Prop. 21 – Another Attempted Costa-Hawkins Takedown

This November, California voters will be asked for the second time in as many years to overturn statewide restrictions on rent control in the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act (“Costa Hawkins”). The following provides a summary of Proposition 21, named by its proponents as the Rent Affordability Act (“Prop. 21”), and its potential implications for residential […]

Letter From DBI Interim Director

Recently the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection sent a letter to it’s customers regarding permitting services.  Reuben, Junius & Rose, LLP is notifying you of this letter as a courtesy for being a client and friend of the firm.  Please contact us should you have any further questions. (DBI Letter)


Real Estate Tax Update

Deadline to File Real Estate Tax Appeals for the 2020/2021 Tax Year For property owners that disagree with their property valuation for the 2020/2021 tax year, the deadline to file an appeal is Tuesday, September 15, 2020. For property located in other counties, owners should check with the local Assessment Appeals Board. Unfortunately, these appeals […]

online permits

DBI Changes to Permit Submittals and Process

The Department of Building Inspection (DBI) and the Permit Center are temporarily limiting the types of permits that may be submitted online through the digital permit submission process to new 100% affordable housing projects, new permits for Development Agreement projects, and addenda and revisions for already submitted digital in-house review permits. They are working to […]


A Handful of San Francisco Planning Updates

Final Passage of UMU Office Legislation Back in February, we covered Supervisor Ronen’s proposal to substantially limit office uses within Urban Mixed Use (“UMU”) districts. You can revisit our prior update here. As originally introduced, the legislation would have prohibited office use on the upper floors throughout the UMU district (where currently permitted), and would […]

Housing Entitlement

Oakland Entitlement Extensions, Is California Next?

On July 27, 2020, Oakland City Administrator, Edward D. Reiskin executed Emergency Order No. 6 extending planning entitlements that have not expired as of March 9, 2020 (when Oakland’s COVID-19 Local Emergency was first declared), but are set to expire on or before August 1, 2022, by two (2) years. A project sponsor must submit […]

Affordable Housing

SB 1085 Emerges from Crucial Committee Vote

SB 1085 Clarifies that Affordable Housing Fees Do Not Apply to Affordable or Density Bonus Units When Senator Nancy Skinner introduced Senate Bill 1085 (SB 1085) in February, the bill proposed numerous revisions to the state Density Bonus Law. Many were geared toward incentivizing the development of moderate-income rental housing, including a 35% density bonus […]

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