Key Tax Appeal and Exclusion Request Deadlines

Property owners in San Francisco have a right to appeal the assessed value of their properties within a certain window of time and may request tax exclusions when performing certain […]

Looking to kick-start housing production in San Francisco, Supervisor Ahsha Safaí recently introduced legislation that would significantly reduce the city’s transfer tax rate – a fee imposed by the city […]

On June 28, 2024, the California Department of Housing and Community Development released its annual determinations under SB 423 (formerly SB 35). Enacted in 2018 (as SB 35), SB 423 […]

This week’s client alert discusses three pro-housing bills sponsored by Bay Area legislators that are pending in Sacramento: Buffy Wicks’ AB 2011 cleanup bill; a bill adding a new streamlining […]

As previously discussed in a February 2024 Update, the Planning Commission has been holding informational hearings concerning its state-mandated implementation actions and zoning amendments identified in the certified 2022 Housing […]

Assembly Bill 648 – HOA Meetings by Teleconference. In an effort to enable greater access to homeowners association (“HOA”) meetings, and enhance HOA members’ ability to participate and comment on […]

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