LA Court Weighs In on the Builder’s Remedy

Until now, the notorious “builder’s remedy” had not been tested in court, leaving developers with serious questions about how it works and whether it’s worth potential legal challenges from unamenable […]

On May 11, 2023, the San Francisco Planning Department gave a presentation on Permit Streamlining at a joint Building Inspection Commission and Planning Commission hearing.  The focus of the presentation […]

Late last month, Supervisors Peskin and Safai introduced long-awaited legislation lowering San Francisco’s affordable housing requirements for certain approved and proposed projects, as well as reducing impact fees. This week’s […]

In the latest effort to ease longstanding zoning restrictions and encourage new business activity in San Francisco, Mayor Breed (along with Supervisors Engardio, Dorsey, and Melgar) have introduced legislation to […]

In 2022, SB 9 took effect, imposing radical new requirements on local jurisdictions to approve new housing in single-family neighborhoods.  Although the results of SB 9 have been mixed (more […]

When an easement is granted, a property owner gives another person an interest in and right to use the land which is burdened by the easement.  Easements are often conveyed, […]