Legislative Analysis & Strategy


Reuben, Junius & Rose, LLP tracks all San Francisco land use legislation from introduction to final passage or defeat and closely monitors federal and state legislation. Land use rules and regulations are a constantly evolving body of law.  A developer’s legal team must be well versed in current regulations, pending legislation and policies, and land use development trends within the jurisdiction.

This knowledge is critical in advising clients on the development potential for their site. Developers receive not only accurate counsel on existing rules but also analysis of relevant pending legislation and policy trends that could affect their project in the future.

Reuben, Junius & Rose, LLP has significant experience in advising clients on the potential for site-specific rezoning and the General Plan and Planning Code amendments needed for a specific development.  As the regulatory climate becomes increasingly complex and infill development opportunities become more challenging, developers are looking at rezoning options. In San Francisco, there is a trend toward neighborhood and area-wide rezoning.  Property owners and developers are more actively participating in the rezoning process.

Our attorneys have the rare blend of legal expertise and strategic and political insight that gives clients the best chance for success, whether they’re participating in a broad, city-initiated rezoning effort or submitting a rezoning application for a specific project.