Assembly Bill 648 – HOA Meetings by Teleconference. In an effort to enable greater access to homeowners association (“HOA”) meetings, and enhance HOA members’ ability to participate and comment on […]

Proposed New Business Tax Structure in San Francisco

On May 6, 2024, a new San Francisco business tax initiative was filed in order to qualify for the November 2024 ballot.  The purpose of the initiative is to remedy […]

HCD Letter Could Complicate Builder’s Remedy Approvals

On March 28, 2024, the Department of Housing and Community Development (“HCD”) issued a Letter of Technical Assistance[1] to the City of Compton that potentially creates a new complication to […]

Superior Court Invalidates SB9 in Charter Cities

On April 22, 2024, the Superior Court issued a decision in City of Redondo Beach et. all, vs. Rob Bonta, et. all.  This case centered on the legality of SB […]

State Law Could Overhaul “Builder’s Remedy”

Assemblymember Buffy Wicks has introduced Assembly Bill 1893 (“AB 1893”) to “modernize” the so-called “Builder’s Remedy” that allows projects with enough affordable units to bypass local zoning requirements when a […]

Voters Approve Mayor’s Transfer Tax Exemption

The Mayor’s proposal to waive San Francisco’s Transfer Tax for certain converted residential space (“Measure C”) was approved by voters on March 5, according to the City of San Francisco’s […]

Legal Victories for CEQA Streamlining

Earlier this month, the California Court of Appeal ruled that a qualifying development project in San Diego County could use the County’s General Plan Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) to streamline […]

Courts Draw New Boundaries in Property Line Cases

Two recent California court decisions, involving all-too-common neighbor disputes, have provided new guidance concerning easements and property ownership. In Romero v. Shih (S275023 [2024]), the California Supreme Court ruled that […]

Expanding Housing Choice: SF Finalizes Draft Rezoning Proposal

The San Francisco Planning Department has released more details on its Expanding Housing Choice Program, a citywide rezoning that will primarily target the city’s westside. The rezoning proposal originates in […]

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