Real Estate Due Diligence

The Reuben, Junius & Rose, LLP real estate team has extensive experience in providing real estate due diligence services. We serve a broad range of client needs. Our attorneys’ experience includes complicated multistate public real estate offerings, and our centralized organization enables us to provide large firm services while giving clients individual attention.

Our firm’s specialization in land use allows us to perform the full scope of zoning and entitlement due diligence. Before any purchase of real property, the buyer should understand potential pitfalls or costs that could be incurred in order to ensure that the property can be used for its intended purpose. The seller, on the other hand, should understand the property’s zoning and development potential in order to maximize the sale price.

We protect sellers by providing clear and concise disclosure provisions and organizing the appropriate project documentation. For purchasers, we prepare a due diligence plan and identify the key issues, then assist with the review of all necessary materials. Some buyers are not aware of the many title insurance benefits that may be available to them. Drawing on our strong relationships with local title companies, title officers, and underwriters, we make sure that this aspect of the transaction is not overlooked.