This Week in San Francisco Land Use – New Ventilation Requirements

​Planning Department Continues to Streamline CEQA Process While Heightening Air Quality Performance Standards As many of us know, the Planning Department has the (mostly) thankless job of being the lead […]

​Ok, we get it.  It’s almost a cliché now to say that San Francisco is in the midst of a housing crisis.  For proof, check out this 1984 L.A. Times […]

​Are Split-Roll Taxes Still Alive? In the wake of Propositions 13 and 62, many local districts have imposed “special taxes” to finance public facility construction and operations.  One such special […]

​While not quite as exciting as the NCAA Tournament (I’m sure many of you are watching on your computer today), California’s limited liability company statute was recently updated by the […]

​On February 26, 2014, something special happened in San Francisco.  On that date, the Board of Appeals held yet another hearing in a seemingly endless stream of hearings on the […]

​As we’ve reported in past updates, there are seven pending pieces of legislation to tighten formula retail controls and several other policy changes have been adopted within the past year.  […]