New State Laws Affecting Condo Homeowners Associations

There are relatively fewer new state laws affecting condominium homeowners associations (“HOAs”) in 2023 than in recent years. However, one particular bill was passed by the California State legislature that […]


Can New Rules Jumpstart Downtown?

Last week, two new ordinances were introduced, both seeking to encourage residential conversion projects downtown, which have been recently touted by the media and policy advocates as one potential solution […]


2023 Legislation at a Glance – Part 2

As reported last week, this legislative session is packed full of pending bills with far reaching changes to land use controls and local control of such. In Part 1, we […]


2023 Legislation at a Glance – Part 1

As we’ve previously reported, 2022 was a blockbuster year for housing legislation and it appears this legislative session is gearing up to be just as consequential. But, with approximately a […]


Partitions by Appraisal Now Easier in California

A partition action is the procedure for segregating and terminating common interests in the same parcel of real property, resulting in either: (1) a physical division of the property; (2) a […]


SF Contemplates Major Reductions in Inclusionary Housing and Impact Fees

In the recently released Preliminary Controller Recommendations, the Inclusionary Housing Technical Advisory Committee (“TAC”) recommended reductions in San Francisco’s inclusionary housing requirements to make low- and mid-rise condo development feasible. […]


Matt Haney Seeks To Eliminate Only-in-San Francisco Appeals

Housing developers in San Francisco no doubt recognize this entitlement moment of disbelief:  after a grueling, years-long process of working with staff, neighbors, and policy-makers, with numerous concessions made to […]

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