This Week:  TDRs, ZA Update, Commissioner Status, and the Ongoing Saga of the North Beach Library

TDR Legislation Moving Forward

The Board of Supervisors Land Use and Economic Development Committee finally passed amendments to the TDR program after changes were made to the original proposal. Originally, the amendments required the proceeds of all future sales of TDRs to be first spent on the preservation, rehabilitation and ongoing maintenance of the building transferring the rights. The modified amendments require a preservation, rehabilitation and maintenance plan be submitted for approval with any application for a statement of eligibility for TDR. (A statement of eligibility officially identifying the amount of TDR available must be issued by the Planning Department before TDR may be sold.) Once a preservation/maintenance plan is approved, the property will be subject to the plan and the owner of the property must submit a status report within one year of the issuance of the statement of eligibility showing compliance with the plan.

The TDR amendments will be before the full Board in two weeks. No further modifications are expected before its final passage. Contact us for a copy of the latest version of the amendments.

Commissioner Gwyneth Borden Confirmed for a New 4 Year Term

By a unanimous vote on Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors confirmed the Mayor’s reappointment of Gwyneth Borden for a new four year term to the Planning Commission. Commissioner Borden’s term ended in July of this year and she continued to sit at the Commission during a holdover period that ended in early September. The seat has been vacant since that time, and Commissioner Borden was reseated at the Commission at yesterday’s Commission meeting. We congratulate Commissioner Borden and wish her luck in her new term. The Commission is now almost back to full strength, with 6 of 7 seats occupied. We hope nominee Rodney Fong is confirmed soon, which would complete this latest round of appointments.

Zoning Administrator Pick Expected Soon

The pool of applicants seeking to be the next permanent Zoning Administrator has been whittled down to three. It is now in the hands of Planning Director John Rahaim. We will update you as soon as this very important position has been officially filled.

North Beach Library Update: Historic Designation, Study of Demolition, Move Forward

In the continuing battle over the future of the North Beach Library, two conflicting processes are moving forward concurrently. On September 1, the Historic Preservation Commission voted 4-3 to designate the library a city landmark, which would effectively block any plan to demolish and replace the 51 year old structure. The landmark designation ordinance was introduced at the Board of Supervisors this week, which will be heard by the Land Use Committee before heading to the full board. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, however, the HPC and Planning Commission held hearings on the Draft Environmental Impact Report being prepared that studies the demolition of the library to pave the way for construction of a new one. This fight has been brewing for over a year, and there are still no clear signs of an ultimate decision. Keep you eyes out for the landmark designation ordinance, as the fate of that will likely determine the fate of the library…and remember a new Board of Supervisors will be seated in January.

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