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SB 827 Dies in Committee as Three Bay Area SB 35 Projects Get Underway April 18, 2018

Yesterday the much-debated Senate Bill 827 (SB 827) authored by Senator Scott Wiener failed to make its way out of its first policy committee hearing, effectively dooming its chance of passing this year.  SB 827 would have provided a “transit rich housing bonus” to qualifying urban, infill projects on transit corridors that provided required percentages […]

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New State Laws Affect Freedom of Speech and Installation of Solar Energy Systems in Condo Projects April 12, 2018

Two new laws became effective on January 1st, 2018 that impact condo projects and other common interest developments (“CIDs”) and homeowners associations (“HOAs”) in California.  The first expands homeowners’ free speech rights and limits an HOA’s ability to restrict political expression and related activities.  The second limits the ability of an HOA to prevent a […]

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