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Protecting the Economic Viability of Development Projects in an Age of Construction Material Cost Increases: One Solution October 16, 2018

Unpredictable construction and labor costs continue to have a significant impact on project viability.  A September 2018 Meyers Research study, Cost Drivers Impacting Housing, funded by the California Homebuilding Foundation, identifies construction material shortages and costs as a significant factor impacting the supply of housing.  Framing lumber, ready-mix concrete, plywood/engineered wood, and gypsum were cited […]

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Lease Consequences Upon Exercising Option to Purchase October 11, 2018

What terms must be included in a lease option to purchase to ensure enforceability?  If a tenant exercises an option to purchase, when does the lease and related obligation to pay rent cease?  A recent Court of Appeal case, Petrolink, Inc. v. Lantel Enterprises, decided just these issues. (21 Cal.App.5th 375 (2018)).  In Petrolink, the […]

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