More San Francisco Land Use Regulations for 2009

The quantity of new land use ordinances that came out of the Board of Supervisors in 2008 was truly mind-boggling. From the very large (the Eastern Neighborhood rezoning, that we reported on in our Dec. 9 E-Letter) to the very small (legislating the size and font type for historic movie theater marquees) there was more […]

Buyer Beware:  Is Your Purchase Agreement Enforceable?

California Court of Appeal strikes down a “free look” contract In a case that may have some scratching their heads, the California Court of Appeal refused to enforce a real estate purchase agreement because the buyer had the right to terminate the agreement at any time, without penalty. Steiner v. Thexton, 163 Cal. App. 4th […]

Sustainability Plans in 2009: Planning For New Requirements (With More On The Way)

San Francisco’s Acting Permit Services Manager and former Chief Building Inspection Officer, Laurence Kornfield, recently announced creation of a “sustainability plan” as one of every building owner and manager’s “must do’s” in 2009. Kornfield is right: whatever the market may bring in 2009, it is surely just the beginning of increased environmental regulation for buildings. […]

Eastern Neighborhood Plan Passes:  FINALLY

Today the Board of Supervisors passed on second reading the Eastern Neighborhood Plan (the “Plan”); it is now official. Barring a veto, this action brings to an end a long and complex process and rezones a broad area of eastern San Francisco (East SoMa, Central Waterfront, Showplace Square, Potrero and Mission neighborhoods). The Plan is […]

San Francisco’s Green Building Ordinance

San Francisco’s new green building ordinance went into effect on November 3, 2008. Almost every new building in the City—from the single-family home to the high-rise tower—is affected by this legislation. Projects required to comply include: New construction, Group R (residential) occupancy buildings; New construction, commercial buildings of Group B (business) or M (mercantile) occupancies […]

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