New Cannabis Controls Continue To Smolder

This week the Board of Supervisors considered final approval of proposed new comprehensive cannabis regulations, but ultimately voted to continue the matter for two weeks.  The Board’s consideration of the regulations has revisited a pervasive and ongoing balkanization on the Board, with the Board torn between individual district interests and the broader interests of the […]

Formula Retail Scuffle in Malibu

This week’s update focuses on a scuffle over chain stores currently taking place in Malibu. In June, an appellate court overturned a voter-approved initiative imposing a number of restrictions on formula retailers, aka chain stores. Just last week, the Malibu Planning Commission proposed a more watered-down version of the chain store restrictions, aiming to pass […]

Statewide Ballot Initiative May Rewrite Rent Control Rules

Rent control has been on the march in the Bay Area as of late.  In just the last year, rent control has been newly established in 3 cities, expanded in 3 cities, and considered and denied in another 3 cities in the region.  A repeal of the Costa Hawkins Act – the 1995 law that […]

Potential Seller Liability for Failing to Disclose Known Defects in Real Property

What happens if you are a seller of real property and the purchase contract puts the full onus on the buyer to do its own due diligence and includes no affirmative representations by seller as to the condition of the property?  Are you exculpated from liability if a defect is discovered later by the buyer […]

Planning for Job Growth

In the midst of the ever consuming housing crisis, it may be a good idea to take a step back and consider projections of future job creation in the City, and critically important, where those jobs should be located.  There is no question that job growth in the bay area has outpaced housing production.  That […]

Legalize It: Mayor and Supervisor Sheehy Introduce Regulations for Non-Medical Cannabis Businesses

Last November, Californians and 74 percent of San Francisco voters approved Proposition 64, which decriminalized the recreational use of cannabis by adults over the age of 21 and set up a state-level licensing and taxation system for non-medical cannabis businesses. The proposition immediately decriminalized recreational use but gave the state a grace period before it […]

SB 167: Another Pro Housing Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature

Last week, RJR’s Matthew Visick wrote about Senate Bill (SB) 35—which streamlines the approval process for multi-family residential projects that include affordable housing in many urbanized cities.  SB 35 was passed by the State Legislature earlier this month and is awaiting signature by the Governor.  You can read that update here. SB 167 is another […]

If Signed by the Governor, Senate Bill 35 Will Streamline Approvals for Multi-Family Residential Projects that Include Affordable Housing

On September 15th, the California Legislature passed Senate Bill 35 (SB 35) which, if signed by the Governor, will streamline the approval process for multi-family residential projects that include affordable housing in many urbanized cities and counties.  SB 35 is part of a large package of bills the Legislature passed this term that seeks to […]

San Francisco Continues to Struggle with Cannabis Regulation

On November 9, 2016, California voters approved (by a 56-44% margin) Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), which allows adults to possess and cultivate marijuana for recreational purposes. Municipalities were given until January 1, 2018 to plan for regulation of the industry, at which time recreational retail use will begin and additional […]