Happy 2018! Preservation Potpourri Opens our 2018 Series

Reuben, Junius & Rose, LLP hopes everyone had a great holiday and New Year.  2018 looks to be another banner year with land use issues, as we look forward to the Central SoMa Plan moving forward, a new Planning Commissioner assignment, and of course many Planning Code amendments.  As usual, Reuben, Junius & Rose will […]

Planning Department Process Improvements Plan – More Housing? Quicker Approvals?

As all of us mourn the passing of Mayor Lee, many articles have already been written about his legacy and the progress he made in San Francisco.  One of the items that was pending at the time of his death was the implementation of Executive Directive 17-02, Keeping up the Pace of Housing Production, issued […]

Scratch that – Planning Puts the Brakes on Proposed ‘Tantamount to Demolition’ Replacement

Following our recent weekly update, the Planning Department has decided to hold off on its proposal to scrap the Tantamount to Demolition Standard under Planning Code Section 317 and replace it with a new form-based Residential Expansion Threshold in the RH Districts.  This announcement comes shortly before today’s previously scheduled informational Commission hearing. From the […]

Planning Moves Forward with Proposal to Replace the ‘Tantamount to Demolition’ Standard for Residential Remodels in RH-Districts

This Thursday the Planning Department will make an informational presentation to the Commission on a proposal to nix the “Tantamount to Demolition” standard that regulates the scope of residential remodels that require mandatory Commission review in RH Districts, and approve a new form-based Residential Expansion Threshold policy. Under current Planning Code Section 317, Planning Commission […]

New Cannabis Controls Continue To Smolder

This week the Board of Supervisors considered final approval of proposed new comprehensive cannabis regulations, but ultimately voted to continue the matter for two weeks.  The Board’s consideration of the regulations has revisited a pervasive and ongoing balkanization on the Board, with the Board torn between individual district interests and the broader interests of the […]

Formula Retail Scuffle in Malibu

This week’s update focuses on a scuffle over chain stores currently taking place in Malibu. In June, an appellate court overturned a voter-approved initiative imposing a number of restrictions on formula retailers, aka chain stores. Just last week, the Malibu Planning Commission proposed a more watered-down version of the chain store restrictions, aiming to pass […]

Statewide Ballot Initiative May Rewrite Rent Control Rules

Rent control has been on the march in the Bay Area as of late.  In just the last year, rent control has been newly established in 3 cities, expanded in 3 cities, and considered and denied in another 3 cities in the region.  A repeal of the Costa Hawkins Act – the 1995 law that […]

Potential Seller Liability for Failing to Disclose Known Defects in Real Property

What happens if you are a seller of real property and the purchase contract puts the full onus on the buyer to do its own due diligence and includes no affirmative representations by seller as to the condition of the property?  Are you exculpated from liability if a defect is discovered later by the buyer […]

Planning for Job Growth

In the midst of the ever consuming housing crisis, it may be a good idea to take a step back and consider projections of future job creation in the City, and critically important, where those jobs should be located.  There is no question that job growth in the bay area has outpaced housing production.  That […]